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The Winter emerged fully-formed on winter solstice day, June 2003. 

"Imagine a cross between Derek Bailey, New Zealand's Pumice and classic '60s outsider folk/blues and you're in the right ballpark"       - The Broken Face

The instrumental trio of acoustic & electric guitar, cello and percussion moved from lounge to photo gallery to bar (w/ full drumkit & PA DISTORT) playing, a voyage upwards from the centre of the Earth, documented in Parataxes (2003).  The diamond attached to every cover. 

It begins underground, and then the return trajectory unfolds on Swansong (2004), dedicated to extinct Aotearoan bird the huia. 

The Winter plays its own requiem, the Big Crunch as the universe rushes back in on itself.  The Chinese New Year is celebrated with fireworks. 

Cellist/guitarist San Shimla now relocated to Melbourne, Oz.

Parataxes 4  mp3 The Winter Reunion  mp3


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