8 Dec 2002 - Plans kicking into gear.  Anterior Pathways is now finished & available.  I'm planning a tour of the North Island for early February - watch this space for more details.  Go to The Space for another gig that I'm playing on Friday 13th As the last gigs I've done were songs and words based, this one will be emphasising the guitar improvisational side of my nature... 

I've recorded Mantis Shaped & Worrying - it just needs a final mixdown, and copies made.  Since it was recorded with analogue equipment I'm going to put it out on vinyl in early February.  What do you people think?  Do you want it on lp or CDR?  Or is someone from a label ready to sit up and take notice yet and release it 'properly'?  Have your say.  Better yet, pre-order your copy.  By the way I added a guestbook to the front page if anyone wants to say something.

10 Nov 2002 - Various projects on the go.  The Dadapapa Majickclone Orchestra album is supposedly done, and I'm awaiting copies from Auckland (I should be playing there in January).  I've done most of the demo recordings for Mantis Shaped & Worrying and am pretty confident that it should turn into a kickass album over the summer.  In the meantime, I'm expanding into book publishing and have put together an 80-page book of my writings from this year, entitled Anterior Pathways which should be ready by the 23rd of this month.  I have some gigs upcoming, if you're in Wellington - note the plural.  The dates are:

Nov 23, The Space - readings and book launch

Nov 26, Enjoy Gallery (Cuba St) - acoustic music evening

Dec 5, Enjoy Gallery - readings

Hope to see you there, feel free to email me for further info.

22 October 2002 - Sorry I didn't get a chance to update the site in time to inform you of my gig at The Space on October 10th.  It went pretty well.  By way of an apology I've added some non-fiction to the writing page, including some thoughts on my version of the singer/songwriter genre which should muddy the waters a bit further.  I keep getting referred to as 'eclectic' and 'difficult' for some reason, when to me my own music is the simplest and most obvious thing in the world... I've also added the article I wrote for The Wire magazine about the wonderful & inspiring (other) music being made at The Space in case you non-Wellingtonians were wondering about this venue that I keep playing at.

31 August 2002 - Following presumably in the wake of all this media attention, sales of The Marion Flow have now reached double figures!  Thank you Steve.  With ten copies sold, this is getting pretty big!  Get on the bandwagon and order your copy today!  I've celebrated by adding another short story to the writing page, for your further edification & amusement.

29 August 2002 - Another good review for The Marion Flow, this time in NZ Musician.  Might have to add a press clippings section to this website...

?mid-August 2002 - Scheduled another live appearance at The Space in Wellington, for Saturday September 7th, as part of the Meatwaters 2002 Festival.  Check out The Space website for more info...

14 July 2002 - The gig on Wednesday went well, with so many people coming that I even got given $14 profit.  I even sold a copy of The Marion Flow, which is ultimately what this whole multimedia & performance edifice is geared towards.  Talk about professional musicianship.  Thanks Ian.  Do you have your copy yet?  If not, click here.  The interesting thing, for me at least, was performing mostly new material from my forthcoming (any year now) album Mantis Shaped and Worrying.  I also read a short story which hasn't been published yet, not even on this site (I'm currently shopping it around a few magazines).  Too bad if you missed it, but watch this space for announcement of the next gig... 

6 July 2002 - The Marion Flow received a good review in this month's Real Groove magazine.  Apparently it offers "many difficult pleasures for the musically adventurous" and my "delivery and wry perspective is occasionally remniscent of Jello Biafra with some Will Oldham-style individuality, and of course this is not a bad thing".  Interesting implication that some people might think that that would be. 

4 July 2002 - Amplifier NZ finally got around to putting my albums up for sale there.  Another excellent website through which to buy my stuff.

3 July 2002 - Gig Imminent!  I'll be appearing at The Space, 146 Riddiford St, Newtown, Wellington from 8.30pm on Wednesday 10th  of July.  Make a note in yr diaries.  I'll be doing a few songs from the forthcoming 'Mantis Shaped & Worrying' album (pretty much ready in my head; need money & people to record it with) and reading a short story (no it's not posted on this site yet).  Also appearing will be Rick Jensen, just back from Europe to do his free-jazz thing, and Richard Whyte doing his bucolic folk-romanticism myth-spinning.  Should be good. 

Also, on the writing front - added a piece to the writing page, for anyone who watched The Matrix (there's bound to be a few of you), and had one published in this month's issue of The Wire.  Go get it from yr local bookshop.

6 June 2002 - The first review received.  Apparently the site is "cool and amusing" and I should put up dates and descriptions of all my past gigs.  This is from a guy I know though, so not sure if it counts as objective.  I should be doing a gig in Wellington late this month or early next - watch this space.

5 June 2002 - Created writing page, found potential Geocities host.  Ended up putting it on Tripod.  The day of launch.  The site is live and online.  A cyclist with a rusty ten-speed on the information superhighway.

3 June 2002 - My article for The Wire scheduled to appear in the July issue.

22 May 2002 - Started work on setting up page.