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Scratched Surface

Lo-fi postpunk singer/songwriter album first released in 1998.  “He’s pissed off, a tad fucked up (as usual), but not full of lugubrious self-pity (as unusual) and is happy to get raucous & obnoxious in just the right kinda way” – Chris Knox.

The Marion Flow

2nd idiosyncratic singer/songwriter album, ranging from lazy acoustic pop, through postpunk distortion frenetics to spoken word and a touch of free jazz.  Warm sounding and accessible, but revealing hidden depths.


In the Pipeline (watch this space)


Dadapapa Majickclone Orchestra

Mainly instrumental & household objects layering collaboration, fortune waits warmth, electric pigs, leaky gutterings and televised sport.

(tentative schedule - February 2003)


Mantis Shaped and Worrying

Third Dave Edwards solo album moves into increasingly unique terrain.  Grit spate in scribble, guitars describing captivation intense, unmade in taut barrage.  Stupid funk basement and all cause for rueing contempt or contemporary perfume wanders.

(tentative schedule - February 2003)