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Other artists


The Chandeliers

Instrumental surf/punk/exotica trio featuring Ascension Band conductor Captain Hammondhead.



mr sterile's Webville

Theatrical cabaret/punk troupe with a political edge - their album Hulagu features Francesca Mountfort on cello.




Gypsy guitar/cello/violin/mandolin ensemble featuring Francesca Mountfort.



 Simon O'Rorke

Free improvising percussionist, plays on The Marion Flow, Mantis Shaped and Worrying and in the Ascension Band and does a lot more besides.




Wellington based electronica artist - also onboard as a member of the Ascension Band.




Other labels



Wellington-based label for noise & miscellaneous.  Original home of the first Winter album.



The home of Tangent Precipitate, Voodoo T Savage, Rick Jensen, and the Incredible Rhinestone Cowboy... our spiritual second cousins.


Stink Magnetic

Wellington label specialising in tape releases of surf, punk & sleaze rock. Rock'n'Roll should be about havin enough fun with your mates that someone else can't help but notice!


Is-Land Sound Imprint

Proof that there is intelligent life up in Auckland


Digitalis Industries

American label based in Oklahoma, covering a wide range of territory.  Big fans of the Wellington scene if their enthusiastic emails are anything to go by...


Eclipse Records

Noted mail order outlet based in Arizona, US, specialising in drone & psychedelic music.  And also selling Dave Edwards material.




Music venues


From September '99 to April '03 The Space was the best music venue in Wellington, nay the country.  Happy continues where the Space left off - bigger venue, better mixing desk, complete with bar license.


Photospace Gallery

For all yr photographic needs, exhibitions, and occasionally a great performance venue.




Music press



The Big City

Online NZ music directory, picks up on a few gems the bigger sites neglect.  And they've got my chapter on the Space.


The Wire

UK-based music monthly - as close as you'll get to a definitive regular publication on the important sounds of the past fifty years.