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Electric Symphony: Evolution






The 'Green' Movement mp3




"It’s a symphony in the standard form - but instead of using violins and woodwinds etc, we use two electric guitars, two keyboards, two bass guitars, two vocalists, two trumpets, computer, tone generator, piano and drums. 'Evolution' draws its sonic palette from experimental, free-jazz, noise, industrial, punk and contemporary classical musics."

- Nigel Patterson, composer/conductor



Live 2004 DVD

The Riff


Video document of Ascension Band's second gig, at the 2004 Meatwaters Festival, performing an embryonic version of 'Evolution'.  Featuring Antony Milton on violin and mr sterile drummer Myles Climo.  Also includes a 20-minute solo set by band founder Dave Edwards.


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Presenting New Zealand's first 10+ piece galactic punk chamber orchestra of computers, keyboards, electric guitars, basses, strings, horns, laughing, whispering, crying, drumming and more. 


Ascension Band offers a unique musical and multimedia experience – combining an expanded symphonic structure with a wide electric sound palette drawing on post-punk, jazz, electronica and more.  From full distortion gazing to pindrop moments and back.


Originally formed for the 2003 and 2004 Meatwaters Festivals at Happy, Ascension Band is a collaboration between leftfield writer/guitarist Dave Edwards who has been playing live and releasing independent albums since 1998 (see http://fiffdimension.tripod.com), organist Nigel Patterson from instrumental surf/punk/exotica trio The Chandeliers who conducts the band, and members of Hell Fucken Rumble, mr sterile Assembly, While You Were Sleeping and many more. 


Ascension Band develops in new and unexpected directions every time it plays.  Different ages, sexes and races – the band gets its drive from the dynamic between celebrating diversity and looking for common ground. 


Listen out for feedback chorales, blues turnabout, rockabilly not dead since the 50s, a grooving goes funk bounce, and nervous knees twinges - soundscapes both transparent and opaque – waterfalls of sound – assaulting and serenading – alive to the things seldom seen.  Expect cerebral climate change and shuddering skies alight with lightning. 


Ascension Band's show 'Electric Symphony: Evolution' won best music award in the 2005 Wellington Fringe Festival.


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